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Would like to invite you to



Saturday 11th July

10.15am to  - 12.00pm

Family orientated club...Great way to meet people.... Brilliant for fitness

All welcome- so long as you are at least 8yrs old!.....All abilities and experience

CRB and fully qualified coaches

Equipment provided

Where?- Dolphin House , Whitchurch Road, Pangbourne- by the toll bridge

Cost?- Free

Please  wear clothing suitable for weather conditions on the day and preferably neoprene type shoes.

                                       Remember to bring a change of clothing

If you’d like to find out more and to let us know you are coming contact Vicky Metcalfe :  01189 428001

 or  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reading CC Hasler results at ..http://canoeracing.org.uk/marathon/results/Results2015.html

Again our junior boys did us proud....Conor won div5 and has been  promoted to Div 4, Simon had another great race in Div 5.

Jarvis won Div 9 and is promoted to 7.

Promotion for Stuart W in k2 with Gavin

A good team effort.

Reading K4 saw many teams of 4 competing ... and  our team of Matt, Mark, Conor and Jarvis won the Race C - well done !

Full results  at http://reading-canoe.org.uk/2015/05/31/k4-race-results-2/

SPRINTS at Nottingham-results below.

SPRINTS- if you are interested in taking part this summer, you should let Sarah W know asap as you will need to be registered and this takes time.

200M heat
Connor 1:01:98
Steven 1:03:14
Simon 1:07:65

200m Final 1
Connor 1:01:12 8th

Final 2
Stephen 1:00:86 2nd
Simon 1:01:34 3rd

500m Heat
Simon 2:43:42
Connor 2:43:66
Stephen 2:44:41

500m Final 1
Simon 2:43:72 6th 
Connor 2:44:62 8th
Stephen 2:57:70 9th

K2 200m Final
Simon/Stephen 53.20 3rd

K2 500m Final
Simon/Stephen 2:31:63 2nd

Over 44 Men
K2 200m Final
Robin/Sarah 1:07:56 5th

K2 500m Final
Robin/Sarah 2:54:70 6th

Mens D
200M Final
Matt 51:39 5th

500m Final
Matt 2:25:34 2nd (Promoted to Mens C)

K2 500m Final
Matt/Coner 2:13:23 1st

Womens D k1
200m Heat
Ellie 1:08:30



Following a brilliant weekend at the Nottingham Sprint event  our junior boys continue their great efforts and special mention to Simon and Stephen who won div5 K2 , Conor who finished 6th  div5 K1

Tom Street with Peter W  won div 6 K2.
Reading is next weekend.... all entries to Caroline asap.   
ALL ENTRIES and CHANGES have to be done through the TEAM LEADER ONLY- this is new for Reading race.
If you fancy having a go please let us know.
Help with transporting boats can usually be found if this is an issue.
There is also K4 event at Reading the following Sunday May 31st... anyone interested? its great experience.


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